Prem Flow Yoga - A wholesome Approach

A multi-faceted yogic approach aiming at:

1) making yoga -a wholesome empowering science for healthy living- more accessible to everyone;

2) helping our students become more independent in their practice; and

3) honoring the teachings, wisdom and beauty at the heart of Yoga,

4) and presenting a safe platform of exploration into the Yogic paths of Raja (psychic/mental/physical will), Karma (Choice of action/belief/perception), Bhakti (Openness of heart through Surrender/Trust/Love/Giving) and Jnana (Intellectual seeking and understanding of That which is beyond mental grasping).

Prem Flow Yoga offers meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), a variety of yoga asana classes (group, drop-in, privates, workshops and intensives), as well as retreats and YTTCs.

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Yoga Asana

Prem Flow Yoga offers you a diversified program of daily yoga (asana) classes, that can be divided* as follows:

1) Gentle yoga asana classes designed to improve balance, calmness, stability, functional strength, structural (bone alignment) rehabilition and relaxation.

2) Dynamic (Vinyasa/Flow based) classes, best suited for injury free bodies, (and/or non-competitive and physically aware/mindful personalities), will bring about the same benefits while strengethning and detoxifying the physical body (through sweating, stretching, increasing of blood circulation, stimulation/limbering of the spinal cord, and steady control of breath).

* While we could divide our asana classes in many ways, the chosen division is used for its simplicity. For a thorough description of the types of yoga classes we offer, please read on.

Prem Awakening Flow

An uplifting yoga dance (dynamic) practice/session, connecting movement and posture to breath, with focus on alignment and the fostering of deep bodily awareness throughout the whole session.

Our Prem Awakening Flow sessions are inspired by, and based on an amalgamation of BKS Iyengar's alignment principles, Yin and Yang balancing/Meridian circulation enhancing sequences, Mysore style Asthanga Vinyasa and more creative vinyasa flow styles.

Prem Awakening Flow sessions are an invitation to healthily meet / explore / assimilate / appreciate / accept our physical limitations, mental and emotional blockages, imprinted psychobehavioral reactive patterns, lovingly, openly, peacefully, in order to transcend them naturally.

Aerial/Anti-Gravity Practice

Feel like playing with gravity? How about using with yoga hammocks? How about giving yourself an hour to awaken the inner-circus artist that might be lying within you?

Join Karim, for an hour of Aerial Yoga; an experience where you will be mostly suspended, at times upside down, at times swinging, and definitely having fun.

Also, as a bonus, as a yoga approach, Aerial yoga offers surprising physical benefits, including spinal decompression, pain relief, and ease in inversions and other challenging poses. It is also a creatively effective perspective for better palpably understanding alignment in many asanas.

Yoga Therapy

A healing modality, (linking movement to breath, with emphasis on alignment, proper breathing and relaxation), offered 1-on-1, or for small groups, tapping into the wisdom of Yogic Science to treat various pathologies, illnesses, or simply wholesome body imbalances.

Yoga therapy classes are best for helping the practitionner adopt a healthy approach/relationship to yoga (as a beneficially transformative tool/science).

If the client is interested yoga therapy classes will include Yoga mudra and/or ShatKriya instruction and prescription.


Along with a diversified, multi-styled yoga asana (physical postures) program, Prem Flow Yoga offers many opportunities to explore/learn/practice Pranayama (the yogic science of breathing); which is excellent for

1) improving breathing/lung capacity,

2) creating coherence between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic neural activity,

3) Healthily synching heart and brain,

4) and preparing the body and mind to slip into deeper meditative states (during meditation).

Mudra and Mantra

Prem Flow Yoga provides also opportunities to study/explore/learn about/practice Mudra (physical positions that activate subtle energetic and neural channels in specific ways) and Mantra (use of sound vibration to transform/cleanse all layers/dimensions -physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies).


Either with or beyond postures, mantras, mudras and yantras, Meditation is an invitation to simply be, a complete letting go of all desired outcomes, a deep experiencing the now as it is, accepting everything, rejecting nothing. It is a complete surrender to the Witness within.

For those who are still searching for the right meditation method, for those who have never given meditation a shot, as well as for those who have felt completely helpless whenever they tried meditation, Prem Flow Yoga offers opportunities to explore/learn/practice various forms of meditation.

For those who have already found a meditation technique that works for them; we invite you to stick to it, unless you wish to join one of our group meditation sessions for (meditative) kicks, or for basking in the group's meditative energy.

Contact Us

For more information, we invite you to contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com.

Thank you for your interest.

Wishing you a great journey;