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200hr Prem Flow Yoga Teacher Training

The 200hr Prem Flow Yoga TTC is an in-depth yoga program, designed to provide a solid yogic foundation.

This course will allow you to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga as a complex system influenced by many spiritula traditions, and influencing most of the modern healing and life-management arts and techniques.

This program will also provide you with a full range of practical and successfully time-tested tools/knowledge/skill for teaching, or simply sharing yoga with compassion, understanding and awareness.

Signing up for this 200hr YTTC, means you will get to spend an amazing, transformative month deepening your yoga practice in a safe and enjoyable setting, somewhere incredibly nurturing and beautiful -possibly, in India or Morocco.

By the way, our favorite way of doing teacher trainings is privately, 1 on 1. So, if this option appeals to you, you know what to do.

Where and When

Mostly in Morocco or India. Sometimes, in Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece and other beautiful countries.

For dates, please, check our Events page, for our next ttcs.

200hr yttc


While valuing the quality and results of our work, we try not to measure our value monetarily. Also realizing that not everyone who really wants to can afford certain highly priced ttcs, we strive to keep ours as fairly priced as possible.

Our 200hr ttc, onsite or in module form, start at 620 euros (basic ttc, training only; food or accommodation not covered), and can go as high as 1500 euros depending on the prices set by our collaborators and partners (accommodation, transportation and food).

Possible Discounts

If you are struggling financially, (single parent), we might be able to drop our prices a little lower. This will have to be discussed directly with our director.

Yoga Alliance (US)

Without this being of importance to us, yet recognizing that today's yoga industry is highly influenced by the Yoga Alliance, this program is also in full compliance with the requisites and standards set by the Yoga Alliance.

For information on future dates for our 200hr YTTCs, please check out our Events page, or contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com .

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com.

If you're into facebook, visit us at preflowyoga.

You can also connect with us via Instagram.

Thank you for checking us out.

Wishing you a great journey;