Prem Flow Yoga

Prem Flow Yoga is an international yoga school and center, founded with the intention and aspiration to make a positive impact on the lives of all the beautiful souls who are brought to practice with us, and hopefully, through them, as well as on a larger community level.

Our vision and aim is to practically share (all that we've learned through still ongoing decades of practice, study and exploration), time-tested strategies, (Yoga know-how, Ayervedic science, Tantric principles, Shamanic approaches, Taoist perspectives, and hands-on-healing therapeutic techniques), as supportive tools for anyone searching for positively effective means to lead wholesome, harmonious lives.

Prem Flow Yoga offers affordable drop-in group yoga sessions, Private tuition, workshops, retreats, intensives, Teacher Trainings, and bodywork treatments.

We are not gurus looking to tell you how to feel, act or live your life.

We are not enlightened perfect yogis either. Actually, we're quite the opposite, regularpositive inspired-by-life people, trying their best to lead a life that is harmonious, filled with gratitude, beautiful exchanges and experiences, and in line with our highest aspirations.

We have ego that are mostly embraced and integrated; yet, from time to time, we too get sucked in into our good old egoic ways.

For us, life isn't about perfection, or about being molded by a one-way cookie-cutter approach.

We suspect that life might be a precious thing, to be lived and experienced fully.

Without any pretention, we try to share our skills and experiences, with whomever might benefit from them.

So come meet, practice and share with us.

Until then, May you be inspired and surrounded by harmony and beauty.


Continued Education RYS 200 RYS 300

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Prem Flow Yoga is a RYS 200, 300 and 500 Yoga Alliance (US) Registered School. As such, it offers 200hr, 300hr, 500hr Yoga Teacher Trainings courses, as well as Continued Education programs (all accredited by Yoga Alliance US).

For more information on our YTTC Yoga Alliance Program Accreditation, please visit our Yoga Alliance Profile Page.

Regarding the Yoga Alliance

For legal reasons, Karim is registered with Yoga Alliance US. However, Karim, (who has been involved in the world of yoga since a time where this Organisation -first created in the US, didn't exist, and couldn't even be conceived of as a viable regulatory body for yoga), doesn't agree with many of the principles with which the Yoga Alliance are operating.

Yet, just as one might 'operate', work, make a living and exist within a capitalist, life-devaluing, frame without agreeing with it, Karim chooses to work with the Yoga Alliance, while doing his best to create change in the way yoga will be regulated in the future.

One of the lessons we are invited to explore in yoga and other spiritual schools is one having to do with our relationship and position vis-à-vis the concept of Good versus Evil/Bad. Through the prism of Tantra, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism and Taoism such a polarizing concept is a necessity in the dualistically polarized world we experience as reality, where Good and Evil/Bad are co-dependent of each other. Two sides of the same coin, as the saying goes.

The invitation from these spiritual schools is to live in harmony within the concept of Good vs Evil/Bad. To take sides without forgetting that there is always a larger picture in which opposites exist in harmony as one.

However, once a homebase is found, and there is more control over what type of work we do, Karim will dissociate himself from this organisation that has, one hopes inadvertantly, done a lot more damage to yoga as a discipline than good.

If you have questions about Karim's position in this particular matter, please contact him directly at kfadali @ gmail .

Positive Karma - Seva and Volunteering with us

As an organisation that wishes to promote and use holistic yogic principles and approaches off the mat, within the communities we operate in, and in all our relational transactions, we will always partner up with local non-profit organisations, public schools, health and literacy supporting programs, and eco-sustainability programs.

Our guests and students will always be invited to participate with us in such partnerships.

All Seva and volunteering work-exchange relationships will take place nder the umbrella of our Sadhana Project.

The Sadhana Project

The Sadhana Project is a non-profit organization that is about to take form. Its main purpose will be to bring yoga, ecology and proactive compassion together under one roof.

For more on the Sadhana Project, we invite you to revisit our website again.

By the way, we are calling for partners and collaborators. So if you're looking for a meaningful project to dedicate your talents to, send us a message at kfadali @ gmail . com. We would love to hear from you.

Our spa


Prem Flow Yoga is a mostly mobile operation, aiming to work, wherever the setting it right, currently searching for a homebase.

Souss Massa Draa, Morocco

Since 2011, we've been spending a few months every year, in the coastal areas of Tamraght / Taghazout, located in the Sous Massa Draa - a province of south Morocco.

While there, we offer group and private classes, workshops, retreats, continued ed courses and teacher trainings. For more information on our future events, please check our Events page.

If interested, there is more info on these parts of Morocco in our Locations Page.

South India - Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala

Since 2001, we've been spending most of our winters in South India. While there, we usually offer yoga classes, workshops and retreats in south Goa.

This coming winter, we will collaborate with Shree Hari Yoga, in Gokarna, Karnataka.

If interested, there is more info on these parts of in India in our Locations Page.

For more information on our future events in south Goa, please check our Events page, or contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com

About Karim

Senior yoga instructor, (registered with YA US as a E-RYT 500 and YACEP), with 22 years teaching experience; as well as Bodyworker/physical therapist (15 years hands-on-healing)... (Read more)


If you're into facebook, visit us at preflowyoga.

You can also connect with us via Instagram.

If you prefer emails; then we invite you write to kfadali @ gmail . com.

May your path be blessed with Beauty.