Reviews of Prem Flow Yoga Retreats and Karim

... With that said, yoga classes with Karim were fantastic and the true highlight of my time in Morocco. Karim tailors every class to the participants' abilities, language skills, and energy levels; I practiced with him every day across a week and had completely different bilingual French/English sessions each time. He is a terrific teacher and even if you're not on the package (or frankly, even if not into yoga) I would recommend taking at least the sunset course your first day at the resort - it's a fantastic way to combat jet lag and shake off travel fatigue. (When I booked there was an offer for a free yoga course just for booking online, be sure to add it to your basket.) I am certain you will walk away each time feeling like I did - which is to say, like a million bucks - and will want to work in more classes to your remaining time there. -Anne Peterson

... Karim the Yoga teacher is a fantastic professional who leads through the practice bilingual in English and French with high focus and concentration. - Gabriele Borck

... The Yoga was outstanding – Karim is an amasing Yoga instructor. He runs 3 classes per day as well as the possibility of private lessons. Each class was different – some more dynamic, some with focus on holding poses for longer times. The classes catered for different levels and always challenged all participants to develop their practice. The Yoga Shala was a really lovely space to workout in – overlooking the beach- opening the sliding doors allowed a gentle breeze to full the space which meant it was comfortable even on hot days. -Ceejay

... In addition to the hotel we took yoga classes. The teacher Karim was great (>30 years of yoga including years in the US, India, ...). 10 classes, each one different and inspirational. Thanks a lot Karim! -Stefan B

... The spa and yoga were great; we loved the yoga, the setting was fantastic and a great way to spend the morning. -Charlotte Y

... It's hard to sum up in words the deep spiritual learning, the love, joy and peace experienced with Karim, in Morocco, this past month and a half. It was a true journey, gently shedding thought layers and concepts, moving and connecting through beautiful asanas, and receiving ancient yogic wisdom from an amazing yoga teacher who whole-heartedly is a living and breathing the path that truly ignited a spark within.

The silent meditation retreat especially, was the most amazing way to apply all that we had learned and journey inward to learn from myself. I can't describe the joy and love that surrounded everyone by the end of the retreat, it was so beautiful. -M Stevens

... This experience is truly one of a kind and I feel so blessed to have found it. I'm excited to apply my learnings at home, to stay connected with the beautiful friends I have made here and return for more as soon as I can. So much love and gratitude. -Catarina Santos

... What a wonderful spiritual retreat, it was. I enjoyed the meditation and chanting. I listened to many interesting talks during the evening satsangs, and practiced yoga everyday. The food simple and delicious ---all vegetarian, and the place is located right on the beach! I met wonderful people from all over the world. I will definitely return. This place definitely changed my world! -Tatiana Valkova

... What a wonderful yoga program and place. From the beginning I felt welcomed by the staff. 
I stayed in a beautifully decorated room, that was cozy, simple and comfortable. The shala's surrounding landscape has everything you are looking for weather you are there for relaxation, or yoga practice. The beach is so beautiful and peaceful and has a very magical energy. Satsangs were very interesting and fun to listen to, and I always learned something new. Over all, it was a very uplifting experience.The vegetarian meals were always delicious, abundant and made with love.After the week I spent there, I came back feeling recharged and revitalized. -Samira El Alami

... Amazing location and yoga program! The shala faces the ocean and is surrounded with beautiful with lovely trees and plants. The food was tasty. And most importantly for me, the people I met were supportive, caring and loving. Karim our teacher on the TTC and at satsung was extremely informative, authentic and encouraging. -T Robins

... Yoga with Karim was amazing!!! At the end of our fabulous 2 week long stay, I really did leave nearly in tears from gratitude (and all those hip openers!) -Alex Vincent

... I absolutely love the yoga space and the teacher, Karim, and now that I've moved I can longer go :(  Karim always encourages students to just give something a try even if it's a pose that sounds too hard. He said something during his class along the lines of "don't be afraid to fall, everyone does." I found out I was capable of doing crow because of this! Unfortunately, because I had such an amazing experience with Prem Yoga Flow, I'm having a difficult time finding something to meet my standards back home. Karim, please open a studio here! -Tamara Heggins

A review about our 200hr YTTC

... La formation reçue était parfaite. J’ai aimé l’équilibre cours, pratique et théorie. Les échanges étaient riches et pleins de sagesse. Toujours de jolis moments ! La formation m’a nourrie et fait avancé sur mon chemin de yogini. Il a renforcé mon souhait de partager mes connaissances et d’enseigner. Il m’a rendue plus forte et plus sûre de moi. La personnalité de Karim participe grandement à la richesse de la formation. Il sait être présent, à l’écoute, corriger, expliquer, guider. Il apporte beaucoup d’humanité et de sagesse. Les enseignements de Karim m’ont donné les outils pour construire mes cours, m’ont donné l’envie de toujours apprendre, m’ont confirmé que les postures seules ne font pas tout, que le yoga est un global qui se vit. Le yoga est bienveillance, écoute et générosité. Je le savais mais Karim n’a fait que confirmé cela.

J’enseigne maintenant à des clients venant en vacances au Maroc et à des résidents de Marrakech. Tous aiment les cours que je donne et me disent que j’apporte une autre dimension à mon enseignement; peut-être plus de spiritualité, de ressenti. Je l’ai en moi et ce qui m’a énormément plu chez Karim est probablement aussi cela. 

Je ne pourrai que recommander Karim qui a été un merveilleux Maître pour moi - et qui le restera. On est loin des livres et du « par coeur ». On est dans le ressenti, le présent. Tout est là, fluide, et encore plus ! - Stefanie

... This place and its management are simply awesome. To me, the yoga training, as a returning and practicing yoga teacher, served as a confirmation of my life goals and aspirations. Doing so will imply we have to move beyond some more mundane attachments which no longer serve us at a certain stage in our journey. This is not always easy. -J Walters

... What a life changing, magical experience! From the amazing and loving teachers, beautiful cuisine to the stunning, breath taking location! I highly recommend the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Karim. Everything I could have expected and more. Thank you so much for an unforgettable and memorable time. I cannot wait to return to what felt like home. -Sylvia Tempelton

... It's hard to put into words how wonderful this place is. I came to Morocco for the first time last summer for a Yoga Teacher Training and was blown away by the beauty and depth of the lessons, teachers, and the space. Its life changing! I had to come back this year for another immersion in the magic and peace of south Morocco. Karim’s love-filled yoga program makes you feel at home, and I'm eternally grateful for the experiences I've had here. I could go on and on...Until next time! -Jose Astures