Retreats Tailored For You

Having been on the road and around other travelers for over two decades,
we aim to offer you an experience that exceeds in quality your needs, preferences and aspirations.

Our retreats are designed to be a space where you will get to recharge your batteries, unwind, shed out the effects of daily stress and worries, and, if this is where you are, help you re-take charge of your life, energy and intentions, in order to move towards a healthier, more joyful and harmonious expression of you.

What we offer you

Great appreciation, affinity and understanding for those of you who have responded to the call of spirit and embarked on a life changing journey,

A variety of quieting, inwardly focused activities for those who are seeking to connect with themselves, through solitude and intentional withdrawal from externalities, (yoga, meditation, pranayama, self-enquiry, creative writing, quiet time, nature walks, open spaces, noiselessness, satsang...),

A plethora of outwardly expressive activities, (Kirtan, ecstatic dance, karma yoga, satsang, group activities...),

up to 3 delicious meals, (vegetarian, dosha-balanced, with locally grown organic products, possibly vegan, and adaptive to fit any diatery needs,

Up to 3 daily meditation sessions, (early morning, midday, sunset or evening)

Up to 3 daily Yoga asana practices, (morning, midday and sunset)

Up to 3 daily pranayama practices, (early morning, midday and sunset)

Optional private tuition, available through your whole stay (mid-mornings and afternoons); covering such subjects as asana, alignment, rehabilitation, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, yoga theory, mantra, mudra, yantra, Tantra, Vedic or Puranic Wisdom, Advaita Vedanta, Gods and Devas, and much more.

Optional bodywork, by either Karim or Melissa, (Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic massage, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology),

Optional location-specific activities, (trekking, excursions, spa treatments, and more).

The complementary individual energies, skills and approaches of a caring and loving couple, whose shared mission is your well-being,

Over 32 years of passionately living with Taosim, Buddhism, Shamanism, Tantra and various schools of Yoga,

Over 22 years of nomadic, spiritually-inspired travel experience, (through 4 continents, ashrams, temples, gurus, shamans, self-realised human beings, and a lot of time for self-enquiry).

What we will NOT do

We will not tell you how to live your life, or try to force our personal views and lifestyle choices upon you.

We will not pretend to be wiser than we are, or to know what's best for you, or to have answers that we don't have.

We will not tell you how to feel, or how not to feel.

What we Will do

We will be there for you, as genuinely as possible, and as much as you want us to. No more. No less.

We will give you the space you need, and all the assistance you wish to get.

In a way, we will be your somewhat quirky, but responsible friends during your visit.

We will definitely provide you with a home-base, while you're away from home -in fact, if the option is available, you can stay with us as long as you wish/need/require.

Our Prices and Collaborators

Through Prem Flow Yoga, our vision and aim are to create healthy and authentic community-strengthening-and-bridging relationship with our guests and students.

Our priority is to offer you the best of ourselves and the best of what our collaborateurs, hosts, and hosting localities and countries have to offer, while running an ecologically ethical operation that supports and is inspired by global eco-sustainability efforts.

We will always choose authenticity and truthfulness over financial gain. Our prices and choices of collaborators will therefore always reflect this choice.

Positive Karma - Seva and Volunteering with us

As an organisation that wishes to promote and use holistic yogic principles and approaches off the mat, within the communities we operate in, and in all our relational transactions, we will always partner up with local non-profit organisations, public schools, health and literacy supporting programs, and eco-sustainability programs.

Our guests and students will always be invited to participate with us in such partnerships.

All Seva and volunteering work-exchange relationships will take place nder the umbrella of our Sadhana Project.

The Sadhana Project

The Sadhana Project is a non-profit organization that is about to take form. Its main purpose will be to bring yoga, ecology and proactive compassion together under one roof.

For more on the Sadhana Project, we invite you to revisit our website again.

By the way, we are calling for partners and collaborators. So if you're looking for a meaningful project to dedicate your talents to, send us a message at kfadali @ gmail . com. We would love to hear from you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com.

Thank you for checking us out.

Wishing you a great journey;