Blessed be the exchange

Fearlessly and sincerely, ours is an invitation to all of you who are inspired to share/explore with us this beautiful science that is Yoga. Whether with us or elsewhere, we pray for you to be blessed by the many gifts to be encountered while on the yoga path: inner balance, lightness, openness, healing and empowerment.

It is our experience that, on the life journey, we tend to reach crossroads of major changes/transformations; steping into spaces that are very close to the boundery between the realms of the Familiar and the Unknown.

At these crossroads, we often find ourselves, answering to an irresistible call from within, urging us to take that step forward; a step that often feels like one into the abyss, the great void. So we take that step, and another, and we begin distancing ourselves from all that is familiar.

Often at this juncture, Fear begins growing strong, causing our unconscious reactive patterns to be reawakened and reinforced. So we worry/stress about the outcome of each new decision and step made into this uncharted path we are now in...

So for those of you who happen to be in this kind of experiential frame, we would like to say, from a place of tested Knowing, 'It will be okay. All journeys unfold exactly as they should. You are greater/stronger/more resourceful/more resilient/more loved/more loving than you can see/imagine/know from behind the veil of Fear'.

Also, understanding that the cost of a YTTC can be quite a commitment, our aim is to make your engagement with us as financially set-in-fairness, for both yourself and us, as possible.

So as payment can be a source of anxiety/doubt/second thoughts; or if you feel that you want to really be assured of our teachings matching your own Yoga-related likes/aspirations/perspective, we invite you to contact us via Skype, or by phone, or even better to pay us a visit.