Prem Flow Yoga: A Global Venture

Prem Flow Yoga is a mostly mobile operation, aiming to work, wherever the setting it right, currently searching for a homebase.

You will find a listing of the places we tend to work and live in, with a short description of each place, or of our activities in it.


Souss Massa Draa, Morocco

Since 2011, we've been spending a few months every year, in the coastal areas of Tamraght / Taghazout, located in the Sous Massa Draa - a province of south Morocco.

While there, we offer group and private classes, workshops, retreats, continued ed courses and teacher trainings. For more information on our future events, please check our Events page.

This area is one of the top surfing (and yoga) holiday destinations in the world, with a most-of-the-time sunny and warm climate, a plethora of beautiful rugged beaches stretching out for miles/kilometers on end, an impressive list of world-reknowned surf spots, and a sprowling of surfcamps and surfschools.

With yoga classes offered in most surfcamps, hotels and resorts, the region has seen a steady increase in the demand and flow of passing yoga teachers.

Karim is one of these teachers. His love for the country, the land and its people and a desire to share the intense natural beauty of the area with his students are the core reasons behind our seasonally setting up our yoga programs in Morocco.


Tamraght used to be a quiet coastal village about 4 kilometers south of the busier surfers' den Taghazout that has turned to quite the expat hub. Nowadays, despite its being flanked by a massively spread-out development project that is commercially reshaping the whole region, Tamraght remains a great choice for those who seek a chilled out holiday location with nearby activities and action options.

An online description of Tamragh goes as such: 'Nestled in the foothills of the mountains, whilst a stone's throw away from the Atlantic ocean, Tamraght is a peaceful Berber village, full of charm and beauty. The locals are welcoming and it's chilled out vibe keeps surfers and travellers alike returning.'

For a visual example, here is a youtube video recorded from a rooftop, courtesy of Zo Lee.


Taghazout is a happening, somewhat rugged, wild and world reknowned surfing and fishing village on the southerne side of Morocco's Atlantic coast, surrounded by argan producing fields, just 21 kilometers north the city of Agadir. Taghazout and its neighbouring small towns of Aourir, Tamraght and Tamri are known for their surf beaches. 

An online description of Taghazout describes Taghazout as such: 'The picturesque village of Taghazout rests on the edge of the Atlantic at just fifteen kilometres North of Agadir with the foothills of the High Atlas rising up behind. Here you can enjoy the sun all the year round.

On arrival in the village you will see the mosque to your right and the main square to your left. The old village consists of fisherman’s houses painted in traditional pink and white which spill down to the sea. Wander down through the winding streets of this charming village and here you will find Tifinaghas, housing these very special apartments.'

For a visual example, here is a youtube video, courtasy of Surf Berbere, a typical Surf Camp in the area (there are more than 60 of them in the region).


For your accommodation needs, we gladly put at your disposal a large network of collaborating private landlords, guest houses and hotels.

Please, contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com to see how we can help you coordinate the details of your stay.


South India - Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala

Since 2001, we've been spending most of our winters in South India. While there, we usually offer yoga classes, workshops and retreats in south Goa.

This coming winter, we will collaborate with Shree Hari Yoga, in Gokarna, Karnataka.

For more information on our future events in south Goa, please check our Events page, or contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com

Madya Pradesh

We are also designing spiritually charged yoga packages for 2018, in Madya Pradesh, India.

Please visit this page again, for updates, on our organised trips and retreats.

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Please contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com with your questions, or to see how we can help you coordinate your accommodation details.

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