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200hr Prem Flow Yoga Teacher Training

The 200hr Prem Flow Yoga TTC is an in-depth yoga course, designed to provide a solid foundation for deepening one's own practice, while giving you the tools/knowledge/skill for teaching, or simply sharing yoga with compassion, understanding and awareness.

Signing up for this 200hr YTTC, priced at 2900 euros, means you will get to spend an amazing, transformative month deepening your yoga practice and enjoying life at Dfrost Almugar's Villa Surya, and its Yummy organic vegeterian menu.

This program is in full compliance with the requisites and standards set by the Yoga Alliance.

200hr Prem Flow Yoga TTC Modules

If you prefer more flexibility and time to go through a 200hr YTTC, our Prem Flow Yoga Teacher Training modules Option offers you the ability to tailor your yoga teacher training program and schedule to better fit your lifestyle needs, commitments and responsibilities.

Our time flexible training option (Prem Flow Yoga Teacher Training modules) is structured around an online home-study curriculum, with 4 (6 day) to 12 (2 day) intensives, (leading to a total of 120 contact hours), in addition to over 100 hours of study (personal and assisted), allowing enough time for full assimilation and integration of its practical and theoretical content.

Private 200hr Prem Flow Yoga TTCs

Private (1 on 1) 200hr TTCs can sometimes also be arranged; both in Intensive or in Modules. For more information, please contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com.


For more information regarding our Prem Flow Yoga YTTCs, we invite you to contact us at kfadali @ gmail . com.

To register, we invite you to visit our Events page where you will be able to choose the YTTC (date and location) that works for you.

For more information on our YTTC program, you can visit our Yoga Alliance Profile Page.

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